Pentair 2HP Superflow - Too Hot to restart after shutting off to backwash etc.


May 17, 2022
Have never seen one of those screws break unless it was by someone trying to remove it by turning the wrong direction. Many years ago (decades really) I broke one on the first pump I encountered that had one. It was on a older StaRite, but they used brass screws then. I unscrewed the impeller, not knowing it was there and broke it off. All new ones are stainless and I have no idea how it could break under normal use. Have seen many eaten away by bad water chemistry, particularly when a tab feeder was in the system.
Something else is going on, but you can't run the pump without it or the motor will be damaged.
Ok. According to these guys it isn't needed....



In The Industry
Jul 14, 2014
Ok. According to these guys it isn't needed....

According to all the motors I've had to replace because it was left out and the front bearing and most of the motor case was destroyed, it is needed. They sell replacement motors, not sure these experts have spent any time in the field.
Their reasoning is that there is no chance of the impeller "screwing off." While that is the the intended use of that screw, if left out it is a hole in the impeller that will completely bypass the seal, pumping water directly into the front of the motor. The threads on the impeller shaft WILL NOT seal against water.
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