Pentair 2 HP pump (168454)


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Jul 12, 2011
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I had the PVC water feedline to the filter, break on me a little while back so I shut the power off until I could get all the specific parts and get the lines changed out. Afterwards, I go to turn the power to the pump on and get a loud buzzing sound that I affiliate with a seized motor.

I tried disassembling the actual pump from the motor while in place and had a very hard time with one of the bolts underneath it. The impeller seems to turn but I don't know for sure that the motor does or does not. I'll have to disconnect everything and somehow vice it down to get the pump off. Again, right after changing the lines and gluing everything back together.

Does this sound like a capacitor or seized motor issue?

I see a lot of advice on here telling people to go to a variable speed motor or to downsize the HP? If I do need to replace the motor, should I go back with exactly the same one, downsize, variable? How might I determine this?
The replacement suggested to me by is a 1.5 hp replacement,
even though the existing one is a 2.0 hp

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Apr 5, 2015
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There are some things you should check, 1st the voltage at the motor. Next you say impeller turns so it could be a bad capacitor keeping the motor from starting and you can check this also. As far as the motor Inyo Pools recommended it is actually the same total hp as yours