Pebble tec problem (maybe?)


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Mar 19, 2019
new jersey
Hi everyone! My pool build has been moving quite slowly, but about 3.5 weeks ago my builder took down a part of my fence to install the equipment and my 13 year old dog went missing out of the fence. It’s been the longest few weeks of my life, and all I’ve been doing is searching endlessly for my dog. I’ve hired a k9 recovery unit as well. It’s been just horrible.

That all being said, I haven’t really been staying on top of my pool build at all. They did the pebble sheen about 2 weeks ago and last night when I went outside to brush it (my husbands been doing it, but he had to work late so I did it for the first time) I notice there’s spots with no pebbles. It’s hard to see in the pictures. It also, fo the touch, doesn’t seem to be anything under the plaster that needs to be exposed to show the pebbles, but rather feels almost like a hole where pebbles should be. Any advice on this?

Also, we have spots where the plaster is rough. Overall, the pebble sheen is a nice feel. However, spots like the benches and the transition to the deep end have really rough feelings to them.

Any tips are sooo appreciated! I’ve attached some pictures hopefully you can tell- with the movement of the water due to wind it was hard to get a good picture. Some spots in the deep end are much more noticeable but were harder to get a picture of.



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Jul 21, 2013
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Sorry to hear about your dog. That is terrible. Where in NJ are you?

I think you have natural variations in the pebbles. Thats the way the mix varies. No one other then you will notice it while they are enjoying your pool.

The roughness also comes with the pebbles. It is not as smooth as plaster.