Pebble Tec in San Jose, CA Area?


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Sep 23, 2016
Morgan Hill, CA

I've come to the conclusion that I need to resurface my pool. It's plaster and it has cracks and there are small sections delaminating. I moved in about 2 years ago and could tell the pool had not been taken care of for a long while. With your help, it's beautiful and I love it -- uh except for the plaster problem.

Based on the longevity, I'm thinking I want to resurface with Pebble Tec. I love the smooth surface of the plaster so I'm thinking Pebble Sheen.

Anyone have positive experience with a Pebble Tec contractor in the San Jose, CA area?

Anyone have experience with Pebble Fina? It's supposed to be smoother than Pebble Sheen. Do you lose longevity? Is it even more expensive? 😬

Apprehensive and excited about the prospect of getting this done.


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Feb 24, 2015
Santa Cruz, CA
The company that many people highly recommended to me when I was looking at pool builders was Burkett's Pool Plastering - the pool builder I ended up using didn't use them. It looks like Burkett's does WetEdge and Gemstone - so no Pebble Tec.

My pool builder used another company (our surface is WetEdge) - California's Gunite & Pool out of Livermore. They were very good and responsive on our build, but it looks like they only do WetEdge.

As an aside I love our WetEdge Primera stone polished pebble finish it is very smooth and yet it is still as durable as other pebble finishes - I think it is a great finish to use as I wanted a smooth finish, but also wanted something more durable than regular plaster. One of the other benefits of the Primera Stone finish is that it can be re-polished in the future if needed so it should last longer than I will.