Pebble sheen is plaster, right?


Mar 29, 2021
Chico, CA
First time pool owner, went with the blue granite pebble sheen finish. The pool builder, who otherwise we have been very happy with, classified pebble sheen and plaster as completely different finishes, which I understand, but he then basically told me there was not any plaster in my pebble sheen finish. Perusing this website has me questioning this. I've noticed, if I am correct, that TFP considers pebble sheen to be in the "plaster" category when it comes to chemicals, PoolMath, etc.

I ask that to ask this, the chemical recommendations which come with my pebble sheen pool are different than those recommended here and on PoolMath. Notably CYA, FC and CH, but they are all a bit different. I am inclined to use PoolMath, but would like some reassurance there is reason to differ from the instructions that were given to me by pebble sheen.

So far this looks like a fantastic website with fantastic people. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

Pebble sheen is just pebbles in a plaster base. It is plaster that holds all the pebbles together. Like the cookie dough that holds the chocolate chips together.

TFP chemistry recommendations are based on modern science and experience with thousands of pools. Manufacturers recommendations have not changed since last century.
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