Pebble Finish Pool Startup


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Jun 2, 2019
San Jose, CA
It has now been 6 days since fill of our new pool. The PB added CYA to a level of 20 (according to him) and I have been brushing and filtering every day. I have had a high TA so have been trying to lower by adding acid and running the water feature. My latest results (today) are:

Free CL 4
CC .5
pH 7.9
TA 180
CH 175
CYA 70 (tested multiple times)

I am concerned about the high CYA until I can get the SWCG running in the spring. I keep adding 14.5% Muriatic acid every day to bring the pH down (added 64 oz after this last set of tests). Pool is being kept covered due to wind, leaves and rain when I am not brushing or testing. Looking for some guidance on levels to try and maintain. Thanks.



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Aug 4, 2014
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Your numbers are actually pretty good considering an assumed water temperature of 60 degrees. You can slowly keep working on the TA but I wouldn't rush it since the TA being a little high will make up for the low water temperature and calcium level. Come Spring your TA will be sitting comfortably and you'll probably need to add CYA to make up for what was lost over the winter.

The CYA of 70 is no problem either. Just maintain the FC per the FC/CYA Chart for a CYA of 70.
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