Pebble Fina Ceilo Blue or Grigio


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Oct 14, 2019
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Hi All,
We need to resurface our pool that had old school white plaster. It is only 6ft at the deep end and has a salt and pepper exposed aggregate that we are not replacing. The house is beige and we are surrounded by mature redwood trees that keep pool shaded most of the day. We are having a hard time deciding which surface color to go with. PF Cello Blue would be the safest choice with minimal mottling issues that may bug me, but not much wow factor in pool color. Grigio may offer nicer water color but I’m worried I won’t like the grey color on the steps, benches and in shallow area or the mottling that may occur. Can anyone with either of these surface colors share a photo of your pool and offer any positives or negatives you have experienced with either one? I’ve attached some photos of our pool for reference. Which PF color would you recommend? Help!?!



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Here is a thread for plaster colors by real people! Pool Finish and Color Viewing Room...TFP Member Sound Off

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Trouble Free Pool

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We also think every pool needs it's own test kit like the one in my siggy below.

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