PB recommendation Houston/Sugar Land/Katy/Richmond


Feb 14, 2020
Richmond, TX
Hi all- looking for a PB recommendation. This is our first build. We have met with many companies that do pools. So far one has the best design- but wondering how to find who does better builds and is more responsive if things go wrong after? Does it matter? If there is a cheaper PB that can do the same design, do we go with them? Or stick to one due to reputation? I guess I am asking if “you get what you pay for” or are most PBs constructions standard so it doesnt matter. Thanks!


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
What you do is ask for their past pools and go visit them or at least talk to them on the phone if at all possible. Look on Yelp and such for online reviews of the company.

I will tell you that most PB use all of the same crews unless they have their own inhouse crews. Some are better than others. Do you get what you pay for? Could be or may not be. It all depends on the boots on the ground.


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Apr 6, 2018
Sugar Land, Texas
I had Maddox Custom Pools and Landscaping build mine here in Sugar Land. They are located in Richmond. They are phenomenal. All people work for him. There are no “subcontractors” except plumbers/electricians but he uses the same guys anyways. They are unbelievable really.