PB in South Charlotte/Upstate SC


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May 25, 2015
Fort Mill, SC

My pool was installed around 2002 and had the liner replaced in 2009. The liner is ripped and needs replacement. I've been managing repairs on my own but have a bit of a list going now of difficult repairs to do:

- Repair shearing cracks in concrete patio around liner (warping the liner track at one point)
- Remove diving board
- Replace "nicheless" Aqua-Lumin II halogen light (defective thermal fuse, no drop-in LED light replacements)
- Find and repair up to three plumbing leaks
- Saltwater conversion?

So it is sounding more like a rebuild instead of a basic liner replacement. Will pool builders typically take on a "rebuild" project instead of doing new construction only? I haven't had great luck with pool companies to date, any general recommendations or contractor recommendations for the South Charlotte / Upstate SC area would be appreciated.


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
There isn’t anything typical about pool builders. You just need to see who you can find in your are to do what.

I think you bundle liner replacement with new lights and maybe leak repairs.

Concrete work and remove diving board is a different trade. Maybe pool builder has a contractor for you to use.

SWG is an easy install for any handyman who can do PVC and electrical connections.