Pavers over concrete and sand base?


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Jun 29, 2011
once the Gunite is in, we’re planning to have travertine pavers put down. The area to be covered is currently 50% concrete patio, that’s in great condition. No cracks, and slopes away from house. The other 50% of the area is grass now. Total area 800 sqft.

I'm trying to figure out which path I should follow;

1. when they excavate pool, have them prep the grass area for slope and gravel, sand or whatever is appropriate. This would then have pavers over concrete, and then transition to over sand. Hybrid I guess.
2. When excavation pool, demo exiting concrete (400 sqft) and do gravel, sand and pavers.
3. Extend existing concrete, and pavers over old and new concrete.

existing ground is clay, and concrete patio is 4” below the top of the house slab. So, with 1” sand on concrete, and 1.25” pavers, I still have the vertical space.

I’ve found plenty of arguments of concrete base vs sand, but can‘t seem to find any discussion on #1 hybrid above. Best of both? Or worst of both?

still pricing up approaches, but it seems that #1 should be most cost effective, as it uses what I already have.

no frost/freeze to worry about here, just lots of rain, so gradual slope is a definite, and likely a 4” drain to street.


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Jul 21, 2013
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I think you risk creating tripping hazards in uneven transitions between surfaces as areas settle and move differently over time. Pick one uniform base.


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Jun 29, 2011
Good point. I was just thinking for the installation they can ensure they’re level across the transition, but longer term it could be a problem.

if I go one way or the other (concrete base or sand/grave), can anyone comment on cost or benefits either way?
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