Paul from Apollo Pools


Jul 8, 2007
Just wanted to give my review about Paul for those living in the Montreal and surrounding areas;

I ordered my Taylor K-2005 kit from Apollo pools...The kit was delivered to my door 2 days lated by Paul himself....Paul stayed at my place for over 2 hours and really took the time to explain everything about pool water testing.....He also tested my water with his own kit and took the time to explain every step.....As all this was new to was much appreciated and i wonder if I could have gotten any better service....

So if any of you in Montreal are looking for personalized service....I personally recommend Paul...he is a great guy .... :-D


LifeTime Supporter
Apr 22, 2007
Wow! I've never heard of anyone doing that.

Actually, I'd be little freaked if I was expecting something to be shipped and instead it was brought to my door like that. Did you already know Paul?