Passed OCLT but still have CC????

Jul 5, 2010
I did an OCLT last night. I tested at 12:30am, and had FC at 18.5. I tested this morning at 6:00am and got a reading of 19. But I tested for CC and got CC at 1. Is it possible to pass the overnight test, but still have CC, or did I do something wrong? The water has looked clear for 2 days now, and I have gotten most of the dirt that settles in the wrinkles at the bottom out. There is still a tiny bit. Do I keep it a shock levels, or can we let it drop. I'm confused :?
I hope I gave all the info needed :)


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Jul 1, 2011
I have the same problem right now. It is challenging to tell if the CCs are at .5 or 1 because the color/shade of pink vs clear. After adding the 5 drops of R0003 (that one is from memory so dont curify me if Im wrong on the # for CC test), it is just barely pink, then 1 drop of makes it nearly clear and 2 drops makes the sample 100% clear. I know there have been posts of wheter to count that 2nd drop. Right now Iim counting it - but it has been this way for a couple days.
Jul 5, 2010
Ok will do. The kids have just been begging me to get in the pool, lol. I'm so bummed it got bad. When we opened it, it was good. Tried ordering water to fill so we cound run the pump, but they weren't delievering to pool customers, only to cisterin customers until we got some rain. Darn those people that think they need to drink or flush their toilets. What's more important, lol.


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Apr 1, 2007
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The kids have just been begging me to get in the pool,
I would swim in that pool. Others may not. Hold your FC just a touch (2ppm) below shock value for the duration of the swim and then bring it back up when they're done.....thereby complying completely with the guidelines established. :cheers: