Partial Drain?


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May 4, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
I just replaced my Intellichlor with a new one. This old one failed after about 4 years, which is within their range of normal operation. It did have some life left it in, but I think the blades went thru one too many cleanings... but anyways. In Phoenix, I deal with high CH levels. Fill water is 250-300 already. Last CH I measured a few months back was like 1300... I lost count probably.

My previous cell was having so much buildup that it would go to red flow pretty quickly and I found that I had to keep increasing my variable speed pump higher (if I didn't want to clean every few weeks) when I wanted to be using as low of speed as possible for circulation purposes.

With this new IC, think I should do a partial drain to help get rid of the high CH level to get this new one off to a smooth start?