Part Specs for Polaris Polaris PB4 Booster Pump Bearing Replacement


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Dec 13, 2009
Virginia Beach, VA
Hey guys, I just successfully replaced the bearings in my Polaris PB4-60 booster pump and wanted to share the parts (and a couple of tools and tips) that I needed in order to perform this repair. When I searched this site and all over the internet, I was never able to find specifics on which parts I needed so I figured I'd share in this thread.

For the front and rear bearings, you need 6203-2RS bearings. You will need two bearings total and they should be sealed. I got mine from Poolcenter here

You will also need new gaskets and seals for the pump, which can be bought as a kit from Poolcenter here

When you perform the repair, be prepared to break off a bolt or two. I broke the heads off of two bolts (one on the electrical cover and one of the long through bolts). If you have a tap and die set, it may come in handy. You will also need a bearing puller, which I borrowed from AutoZone (they have pullers they will loan out). Also, pay particular attention to how the mechanical shaft seal is situated (its two pieces) when you pull the pump apart.

Well I hope this helps somebody out, just trying to give back to a site that has helped me out tremendously.
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