Paradise Should Be Low Maintenance


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Also I played around with my amp meter and different RPM and between speeds it was small power jumps. I would find a setting you like above 1500 and leave it :)
Also don't spend too much time on FC..If you look at pool math there is a range and if you are in the higher section you should be good.
As in leave it for 24 hours, 12 hrs, ...?


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I haven't used them, but there are sponges you can place in the skimmer called "Scumbags." They're designed to catch and absorb oils and lotions. Here is one example...
I didn’t even think about how suntan lotion I’m using and how it’ll effect pool. We imise lotion as a base and then spray as follow ups bc we are always out there for hours. I may have to look into this ....


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Jun 1, 2018
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@iain42 i agree ! Low maintenance & tfp is the way to go! I have swg & aspire to have a robot ? but for now my wall-e (intex pool cleaner) will have to do . You’re oasis is magnificent! I have used the scumbug & it definitely works /helps - need to order a new one for this season
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Mar 21, 2016
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As in leave it for 24 hours, 12 hrs, ...?
I think it's up to your personal preference. I live in Atlanta under a lot of tree's so always get small "tree stuff" and pollen in my pool so I like to run it 24 hours.
I was saying instead of dropping from 2000 to 1000 just find a setting like 1600 and leave it. Plus I am old school and believe it's easier on electronics to run vs on and off..I work in IT and have had routers run for 10 years and when you reboot them they may not come back up :)
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Sep 4, 2019
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I didn’t even think about how suntan lotion I’m using and how it’ll effect pool. We imise lotion as a base and then spray as follow ups bc we are always out there for hours. I may have to look into this ....
I didn’t think about the impact of sunscreen on a cartridge filter. So scumbug and lotion instead of spray. Can you use a scumbug with a hairnet together?
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Apr 28, 2012
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When we were in discussions with our pool builder back in 2012, I told him that while I knew there was no such thing as a maintenance-free pool, I wanted to get as close as possible. Between the pool automation, pool location and landscaping, I think we have done a pretty good job.

In no particular order, here is what we have done:
1. Went with a fiberglass pool and spa. Not as much flexibility in terms of size and shape. But, the surface is smooth (gunite pools irritate my feet), no worries about tears in a liner, and with the hard smooth surface, we have almost zero problems with algae.
2. The closest tree/plant is about 50 feet from the pool. So, very little problem with leaves, etc. in the pool.
3. Related to 1. above, other than the decking around the pool (concrete), the entire area inside the fence is river rock. Our 2013 summer involved putting down landscape fabric and 20 cubic yards of river rock. There is no mulch, soil, etc. to get blown into the pool.
4. In 2012, Hayward's top-of-the-line automation was the Prologic system. We had that installed to control the variable speed pump, 2nd pump for water slide, heat pump, blower for spa, SWG, pool lights and other lighting in the pool area.
5. Also had the Hayward Sense-and-Dispense installed to monitor pH and ORP. It controls a Stenner pump which injects acid to keep pH from rising. In 7 years I think there was 1 time when I had to manually add some Borax because the pH had gotten too low. The Sense-and Dispense can automatically control the SWG based on the ORP reading. After having this system for over 7 years (testing water and monitoring ORP), I have learned how to set the SWG % to maintain the chlorine level where I want it.
6. The Prologic is programmed to rotate between the 3 configurations (Pool, Spa, and Spa Spillover into Pool) each day with different speed settings (in the 1300-1500 rpm range) for each configuration. Total run time each day is about 9 hours with the SWG only running 25% of the time.
7. Had an Autofill installed with the pool. Since the pool is in the sun all day we do lose water to evaporation. The Autofill keeps the pool level right where I want it.
8. Went with a very over-sized cartridge filter. I clean the cartridges twice a year and generally replace them every other year.
9. Initially bought a Polaris 9300xi robotic cleaner. Unfortunately, it died this Spring, and we replaced it with a Polaris F9550 robot which seems to do an even better cleaning job.
10. The robot is too big for the Spa so we use a Pool Blaster to clean it.
11. A couple of years ago we added the Hayward AquaConnect. I can now control the Prologic from any computer in our house or from my phone anywhere I can get Internet access (basically anywhere :)).
12. I joined TFP when we first started meeting with pool builders. I ordered a TF-100 testkit before the pool was installed and have followed the TFP pool method since day one.

When we open the pool in the Spring, there is some cleaning to be done and then getting the chemicals balanced. Once things are balanced, the only issue I have during the Summer is rain. If we lose pool water through the overflow pipes, I usually have to add salt, baking soda, calcium choride or CYA.

If we don't lose water due to heavy rain, I test the water (or as my wife says: I play mad scientist) about once every 2 weeks.
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