Panel and Heater showing different water temperature

JR Smith

New member
Nov 27, 2020
Going to need more info. Is this an inground spa? Post some pics of your equipment.
This is ingrown pool and spa. Soa has overflow into pool.

All pentair equipment. Filter has 4 cartridges. Heater is Master Temp 400.

I control everything by remote app.

I have checked HTL and thermostatic. Both look new.

Pool is 2 years old.

Heater come on but when temp on heater hits 104 the heater cycles off. When looking at panel or remote temperature is reading 10 degrees lower than heater.


TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
Can you show pictures of everything?

Do you have a third independent thermometer to verify which temperature reading is correct?

Before the heater fires, is the temperature reading correct?

When the heater fires, does the temperature reading go up right away?

If it's a build with all Pentair equipment, it should still be under warranty. You can call the builder or Pentair to file a warranty claim.