PAL Lighting System

Oct 19, 2015
West Texas
Our pool install came with a PAL Lighting kit consisting of 3 Led & the PCR-4 Color Touch controller.

Mid winter the unit became non-responsive and the lights stayed on all the time along with the color selection frozen to 1 color.

We cleaned up the pool area over the past couple of days and turned the breaker off........... now the lights are off.....and will not come back on.

Ive replaced batteries multiple times along with a long reset on the breaker.

Any ideas? Tech support has not responded to multiple e-mails.


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May 3, 2007
Pleasanton, CA
How old is the light? Is the warranty still good?

Sometimes the gaskets or cord leaks and shorts out the components. You can usually tell by looking at the light and seeing if there is a water line mid light.
Oct 19, 2015
West Texas
Spoke with Tech support.

System is warrantied for 12 months after install. We are out of warranty ( installed Nov '15)

Tech was helpful and offered to repair the unit being it could be something simple VS buying a complete replacement @ $300+.

I just hate the down time with shipping and waiting...... but <$100 sounds better LOL

All of the lights worked until I power cycled the system. Lenses look to be water free.