PAC FAB Multiport valve


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May 12, 2014
Hunterdon County, NJ
I have an old PAC FAB Model "SP710 Sand" multi-port valve on my filter. It has started to leak in various positions. I reasonably believe that the Spider gasket is in need of replacement. Problem is it is an old valve and I'm having difficulty locating parts. I have been going back and forth with INYO and they have been referring me to a HAYWARD valve of similar model number, I am hesitant to go with this as I believe that PAC FAB was bought out by Pentair some time ago. Does anyone here know if maybe PAC Fab, or Hayward are the same just re-branded valves?
I have added a picture for reference.


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Jul 10, 2012
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You have already talked to who we would send you to. inyopool is our go to for this kind of thing. They handle this kind of stuff every day. Put your trust in them and do what they say.

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