Oxone-- potassium monopersulfate


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Jun 4, 2010
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Anyone used the Oxone with there SWG?? I have about a half bucket left from where I was on Pristine Blue a few years back.. The High temps lately and also pool water temp being 90+ plus is wreaking havoc on my FC level .. I did find this on the Dupont site about it :::::::::::::::::::::::Oxone® is effective in salt water pools
Salt water chlorine generators are a popular choice for many pool
operators. With salt water systems you do not need to purchase
chlorine because the generator makes it right in the pool.
However, you still need to oxidize the organic contaminants.
Most manufacturers suggest oxidation at least once per week.
Salt water chlorine generators usually have “shock” mode that
temporarily increases chlorine output. The down side of this
is that the chlorine level is increased, sometimes above the
maximum level established by the US EPA. Swimmers should
not re-enter the pool until the free chlorine level has dropped
below 4 ppm. That can take several hours, or even overnight.
Using the “shock” mode may also shorten the life of the
generator. Replacing the cells in the generator is expensive.
Both issues can be avoided by using Oxone®. A weekly
treatment of 1 pound of Oxone® per 10,000 gallons will replace
using the “shock” button on the generator. And you can resume
swimming in 15 minutes and not worry about shortening the
life of the generator. Using Oxone® in your salt water pool will
keep your water sparkling, save wear and tear on your expensive
generator, and get you back in the water quickly.

Just looking to get some feedback to what others think about this...
Test as of yesterday --
FC- 2
Ph 7.5
CYA 60
TA 100
Ch 120


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May 20, 2007
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Oxone (MPS) Is more suited for indoor pools and spas. I wouldn't listen to anything contained in that paragraph, especially the part about weekly oxidation.

Provided you maintain the proper FC/CYA ratio (yours is too low) you should rarely, if ever have to shock.

Turn up your % setting so that your FC is never below 3. :)


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Feb 23, 2008
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What FPM said.

MPS is an oxidizer. When you have an indoor pool, you don't have the benefit of having the sun's UV rays to breakdown chloramines (the byproducts of chlorine sanitation). MPS can help do this. But with an outdoor pool, the sun does that work for you.