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Apr 18, 2021
Spring Hill, FL
Hi everyone, we live in Spring Hill FL, and have wanted a pool since we bought the home. We recently got a few builders to come out and give us a quote. Only 1 came back with a quote and it seemed steep for the simplicity of the pool. We only want a rectangular 14x18 and an enclosure. I have stumbled across many people who have gone though with owner builds, and I feel like it is a task we could handle. I would love to hear from anyone that did build here in Florida. I would like to get more familiar with the steps as far as inspections etc. Any subcontractors that you could recommend would be appreciated. I just don't want to pay the outrageous mark up that the pool builders are getting away with. Thanks in advance guys!


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Jul 30, 2015
Winter Garden , FL
If you have specific questions, shoot me a PM. I am currently on my second one. Off the cuff, I think that you may have some difficulty finding subs. The industry is crazy right now and I am not sure if Orlando or Tampa based subs would come to you. I could be very wrong. On my build, I found really 2 layout/dig/steel contractors. I could only get 1 to give me an estimate. Even then, they took 5 weeks to dig after my permit. Moving on to gunite, there are I believe 5 gunite contractors that serve my area... only got a quote from 1. I did eventually get a second, but I reached out to 4 of the 5, so really had a 25% chance of getting a quote there.

Next is plumbing, then tile, then electric, then decking... those are a bit easier, I only reached out to 2 plumbing/tile guys, there are likely many more in my area. Got quotes from both and the one I really liked was also significantly less expensive... win/win. Electric was a recommendation from my plumber. Decking and footers were a recommendation from my screen guy (who I used on my last pool). Plaster isn't that hard to find.

SO... before you totally decide to go that route, see if you can line up those first 2 contractors. Even then, I wouldn't anticipate saving a ton of money. I believe that for most of my subs, I am paying a premium because they are super busy and I am a 1-time customer. If they are going to risk letting down a contractor they do 100+ pools for per year, they are certainly going to get paid for it. I am looking at spending just under my lowest quote, but, we have upgraded a number of things and apples-to-apples, I am probably saving 10-15%.
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