Overwhelmed new pool mama needs steps.


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Jul 8, 2015
@Sarameow ..I hope we didn't scare you away.. You found the forum, so somehow you knew other places were giving you conflicting information. Its hard to figure it out when pool stores say one thing, manufactures say another and some crazy website forum with a bunch of obsessive pool owners say something else. Well it turns out the crazy pool owners live in the real world of actually making their pools work. The pools stores are focused on selling product and testing is to done to support that for them. etc. SO I read that you thought balancing pH first was most important.. and it isnt.. its getting CL in your pool water to sanitize it. CYA helps the water hold the CL so that is second.. The pH will dance around as those additions happen so don't worry about that until later and adjust it after the other things.. it really that simple .. At least you should be swimming now! woo hoo!:mrgreen:
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Jul 10, 2012
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I am still waiting on my better test kit but was able to get a pH and chlorine test curbside. It is literally the only thing aside from strips I can find here. I can't read this any better than the strips. What do I need to do now to make this swimable? It looks to me that my chlorine/CYA and alkalinity are too high to swim?

18*48 Coleman Vista II filled with hose water. Approx 6500 gallons (skimmer added). Finished filling yesterday and added 1.5 lbs CYA (clorox stabilizer) via sock in front of output and 2 separate .5 lb doses of HTH 7 way shock via skimmer one time in the sunlight (whoops) and one time in the shade. Test strip is this morning 3 hours ago and chlorine/pH just now.
That shows your water is safe to swim in. You know just how much CYA you adding so use the results from that to know your water is safe to swim in.

PLEASE stop using the strips. They are causing you more trouble/problems/stress than anything.

You can mix your pool water with some tap water (half and half) to see ABOUT where your FC is but know it is not accurate BUT it is better than the strips.
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