Overwhelmed and struggling to get started - SWG and a Small Pool

Jun 23, 2020
Greetings everyone. I've recently undertaken what seems to be the herculean task of setting up a seasonal pool so my little one can have some fun during our hot Central California summer. The pool that I am using is a modified version of an 8' x 26" Bestway Fast Set pool. It's basically a kiddie version of the same pool. Rough estimate of pool capacity is about 750 gallons.

In addition to the pool, I have purchased and set up an Intex 14 Inch Krystal Clear Saltwater System and Sand Filter Pump. The intake and outlet hoses are secured inside of the pool via a mounting frame I constructed out of PVC. The pool and filter have been up and running for about a week.

Much of the SWG advice on this site centers around much larger pools and honestly, my head is spinning from all the details. Can anyone help a beginner get started? So far, I've read through Water Balance for SWGs and Salt Water Chlorine Generators but can't seem to figure out even the most basic stuff.

For example, how do I go about determining how much salt to add when first setting up the pool? I wrongfully assumed the SWG would handle that for me, only to discover the SWG was unhappy due to low salt content. As I mentioned, the filter has been been running well and the water is clear but without proper water maintenance, I know things will get out of hand quickly in such a small pool.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

I think you are creating more complexity then necessary with a SWG in a 750 gallon pool. Treat it as a seasonal pool.

You can calculate the salt required using PoolMath. Then you need a K-1766 Taylor Salt Test or salt test strips to measure your salt level.

About 20 lbs of salt will give you 3200 ppm in 750 gallons.