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May 16, 2012
Okay started filling my intex ultra frame 18' round pool on Sunday Night. Resumed fill Monday night, and again Tuesday evening. Didnt want to leave water running while not at home. Tonight, I should hopefully have the SWG, and sandfilter pump set up and the water should be almost full. If not tonight, should be by tomorrow night. Also, been looking for leaks because had water under pool but not sure if it was from my little one holding the hose out the pool or if I had a leak. When I was in last night (Tuesday Night) I noticed some brownish stuff, looks like dust or pollen I guess. (We live down very dusty gravel road) but Im scared to have it sitting this long. Should I add any chemicals yet? Should I wait until I have it up and running? When I do get it running, Im not sure if I just add salt or if I need to add bleach or what? Also, I am ordering my test kit today, late in doing so, hopefully will get it soon enough not to have problems with my pool. I did read pool school, but im still all confused because im adding the SWG. Any help is appreciated.

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You should have your water balanced and the salt in the pool 24 hours before you start the swcg. That means having good test results, adding chlorine and CYA and whatever else is required.
If you can run the pump tonight I'd check the pH and adjust it if needed. I'd also add enough bleach to get about 3 ppm FC in the pool and let it run.
Tomorrow I'd add enough CYA to get to about 30 ppm and add another 3 ppm FC. I'd also add the salt, but don't turn the swcg on for 24 hours after adding it.
The day after add another 3 ppm of FC. You should have your kit by then and can get the rest of the test results.

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Nov 26, 2010
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First off you need to get a quality test kit like the TF-100 or Taylor k2006. Next you need to know how much water is in your pool. Then use the pool calculator to add the correct amount of bleach to bring you up to 3ppm and manually mix the water un til you get everything up and running. The bleach will burn off quickly because you have no Cya so you need to also add Cya. Start reading pool school and then re read it while you are waiting on your test kit.
May 16, 2012
fed ex home delivery shows they deliver to us on saturday, says 1-5 days tue-sat for $14 or so, and USPS priority is $11 or so and says 2-3 days mon-sat. U think fed ex is the better option?
May 16, 2012
Okay well I finally got things going Saturday Morning. Also received my kit. I have an 18' x 48" round intex ultra frame. According to the book 6430 gallons of water. Here are my readings:

5/26/12 Evening

FC - 0
ph - 7.0
CH 20
CYA 30

I added 40 oz 6% bleach to get 3ppm FC

On 5/27/12 Morning: (Water is now beautiful)

PH 7.4
TA 130

I let my fountain run half the day

On 5/27/12 Evening:

PH 7.6
TA 150 ????

Water still beautiful. I met to add another 40oz 6% bleach for 3ppm fc. But accidentally left the goal on pool calculator on 4 and added 50oz 6% bleach instead. As fast as it burned off I figure that wouldnt be too bad.

I also added 36oz CYA per calculator in a sock in the skimmer per pool school.

I have not added the salt yet, because wasnt sure about the TA being so high.

What should I do tomorrow? Should I go ahead and add the salt anyways?