overlap install jitters


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Jul 5, 2008
Bucyrus, Ohio
we are preparing to install a new liner tomorrow mornin on our pool. It 15ft overlap. problem 1...cant get skimmer box off wall, so how do I use a shop vac to suck the liner to the wall? problem 2...if you have to be in the pool to smooth the liner out on the bottom...how do you get our without using the ladder cause if we put ladder in it will mess up the sand before its set??? ANY and ALL advice is great appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun 23, 2009
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If you use the shop vac you don't have to be in the pool to stretch the liner out. It will stretch tight under the vacuum. We use a soft broom to manipulate the liner as it's going in.

Just pull a liner clip off the wall in one section and stick the vac hose in there. Or just stick the vac hose in the top of the skimmer out the front and down the wall. OR just use plastic or boards to seal off the skimmer around the vac hose and it'll suck the liner to the wall. You may have to provide some relief around the face of the skimmer so it won't just suck the liner into the face of the skimmer.