Overflow drain through skimmer worth it?


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May 15, 2007
New Jersey
Hi..just wondered before I have my concrete guy frame out the decking if I should add the overflow drainage from the skimmer. There is a "knockout" for it. Anyone have this build into their skimmer. How far to you run the line away from the pool? What angle? Since my yard is torn up anyway right now I was thinking of something looking like a fork with the main part coming from the skimmer and then branching of area of pvc underground in a few area to disperse the water. I am in NJ and have a fiberglass pool just installed and told that in winter to lower just below skimmer. I guess i would still need a pump for the winter to keep it at that level, the overflow is just above 1/2 way up the skimmer. So now sure...for the 3 months out of the year we will swim...maybe a pump is better for those long weekends away to ensure water level doesnt rise. Thoughts? Thanks.



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Apr 30, 2007
I'm in Northern NJ and have never had a problem with my IG pool overflowing. It has gotten to 1" from the top once. Typically if it ever rains that much I just pump water to waste. I guess an overflow would prevent the need for that, but why go to the expense?


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I actually have an overflow installed above my normal water line (tile line). I have roughly 10' of PVC running at a slight slope (all underground). At the end of the line, I have a guard so no debrit can get in the line. Below it is a 1' diameter hole about 2 feet deep filled with rock to assist with drainage.