Outdoor "rock" speakers


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Jan 24, 2010
Northern Virginia
Does anyone use or know anything or have an opinion about outdoor rock speakers. I like the idea of them and they will fit in well with my (under construction) pool.....there are lots of rocks in the area and we're going to have some that were dug up placed around the pool area.

I don't know anything about them, but I did find this site:

http://www.outdoorspeakers.net/Rock_Spe ... c_251.html

I'd love to hear opinions about brands, quality (of the speaker and of the sound), durability, etc.



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Feb 22, 2009
West Virginia
We have some. Ours look like the "holiday Special" on the link you provided. We have 4 of them around the pool/deck area. They were good enough to get the neighbors all worked up over the noise. Called the police on us more than once for noise violation! :shock: I do like my music loud!! :lol:


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Jan 8, 2011
Richmond, Texas
Watch Amazon for deals. I just bought a pair of Boston Acoustics Voyager Outdoor Rock Speakers (VOYARK5S) from Amazon. The Sandstone model was usually 214 and I got them for 77 bucks a piece last Sunday. The Granite type was running 198 each. They have a great sound to them and seem durable.


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Dec 8, 2010
Mount Airy, Maryland
I'm VERY Happy with my FreeSpace 51 Environmental Bose speakers. You can hide them behind any landscaping and bury them 4 inches below grade. I've got 4 surrounding my entire pool and the sound is really good!


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Oct 18, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
Installed a pair of insigna (Best Buy) rock speakers. Got them from the wife as an anniversary present. They were on sale for $65 for Father's Day last weekend. I put them in the corners of the pool screen. I control them with volume controls. The Flamingo Room has a pair of Bose 151 SE. I was quit amazed with the sound coming from these speakers. From the pool we can listen to music in quadraphonic sound :mrgreen: This set up sounds great and will run the neighbors out of their house :cheers: :cheers:

Controls for both pairs of speakers.

Bose speakers in the Flamingo Lounge.

Pic showing the Dolphin Bar and Grill. To the left is the Flamingo Lounge.

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