Outdoor pool house mount speakers - recommendations.

Uncle Salty

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Feb 3, 2017
South Carolina
I've got a pair of the Klipsch KHO outdoor speakers under my pool house soffit hooked up to a Sonos connect amp and they sound quite good also have a pair of Play 3s that I bring out and together it's a real good combo. Using Spotify also which is a great app with the Sonos.



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Apr 12, 2016
Houston, TX
I had those at my previous home under my patio... they were loud, I had them about 3yrs outside and still working great when I moved out.
Looking for recommendations on some reasonably priced outdoor speakers. Like the 7 x 10 size that can be mounted on the eves of a pool house.

Was looking at these Yamaha ones.
Amazon.com: Yamaha NS-AW350B All-Weather Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way Speakers - Black (Pair): Home Audio Theater

I have some now but they are poor quality.



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Jul 1, 2011
I also have a pair of those Yamaha speakers under my eaves and they've held up fine in 4 years. I just replaced the other pair of speakers I use on my deck with Kicker speakers about the same size as the Yamaha (6.5" woofers). I payed $80 for those Yamaha years ago. I payed $86 for my new Kicker speakers on Amazon but many sellers on Amazon want $100. The Kicker speakers sound slightly better than the Yamaha.



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Jun 17, 2014
New Hampshire
JBL Control 25av. If you really want a great sounding speaker that will outlast ANYTHING it's tough to beat the Control series. These speakers are used commercially the world over from Disney World to Vegas to my pool :) They also have built in 70 and 100 volt line transformers for multi speaker setups. I've got 6 years on more than 11 of these speakers in a very harsh unprotected environment where they see 100 degrees and -10 degrees throughout the year. Not a single issue with any of them.

They are not the cheapest option but are well worth the investment.

Control 25AV Products | JBL Professional


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Aug 6, 2016
Bradner Ohio
I have insignias on my patio under the eve of the house for three years now and sound great I never take them in in the winter I paid 100$ for the pair from Best Buy!


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Sep 6, 2013
Nashville, TN
I have had really good luck with the speakers from Outdoor Speaker Depot and usually a little cheaper than the major brand names. We have 4 zones with patio and rock speakers so the sounds blends well around the pool without having to be overly loud.