Outdoor furniture and saltwater pools


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Aug 8, 2013
Houston, Tx
We just finished our SWG pool and are looking into outdoor furniture. I never gave the type of furniture a second thought until an acquaintance mentioned that her outdoor furniture was ruined because of her salt pool. First I've heard of this. I don't know what material her furniture was made of (iron, teak, wicker, etc.) but am curious if any others have heard of this. And what type of furniture is best around a SWG pool? Ours won't be very close to the water but there will be drippage and splashing over the months with use. I was just about to place a huge order with Costco online but now I want to research it a little more.


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Jun 7, 2011
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Salt water will cause susceptible metals to corrode faster but the threat for furniture is minimal. If in doubt, hose things down after a swim session if you'd like to have some reassurance. No worries...:goodjob:


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Aug 10, 2012
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We have SWCG and cheap patio furniture that we bought over 3 years ago at Target just to tide us over until we could go shopping for "better" stuff. We bought 8 sling chaises for like 60 bucks each, painted or powder coated steel and some tables and chairs. They are all still in excellent condition and are nice and comfy. A couple of them have a little rust on them here and there, probably had the coating rubbed off from stacking and handling. This will be swim season 4 for our cheap, temporary furniture.


Jul 16, 2014
Cypress, TX
Our last pool was SWG and it definitely attacked our high end coated aluminum furniture as well as our moss rock and heavily trafficked flagstone coping. We were not told all of this needed to be sealed. We have since moved and our new pool is liquid chlorine which works well once you add equipment to auto add it. My opinion is that a salt water pool is the easiest to maintain if done right and it" cheap to buy salt but unfortunately salt generators wear out and are not cheap.
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