Our pool


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May 1, 2007
Wow...I am SO pleased. As I posted earlier my PB did a fantastic job. We actually wound up with the pentair fiber-optic light tower instead of the supervision..I guess they were having a hard time getting them and it was my option; But it didn't really matter to me...they look awesome at night! We've already used the pool twice despite some really chilly mornings by us ( ie..high 20's to low30's...that #%&* can end any time now!) but the water with the swg is incredieble! I just love it..and your eye's don't burn one bit! The other thing I am really suprised about is how much the water has been able to warm up with just the solar cover. Despite our cool temps we've gotten up to 77~78 deg. I'm currently building the pavilion (16x24) with will supply the due south facing roof (mono-slope) that will hold my 8 2x20 solar panels. I was really concerned having that much water and being able to get it comfortable ( ~86) but I'm not worried at all now. When I get done with construction I'll post some pics..I have two other decks to build yet before things will look complete.