Our Pool Build!


Oct 2, 2020
Hi all! New to the forum and wish I would have found it sooner! Our pool build just completed but wanted to share if with everyone! We started our journey only 6 short months ago. After discussing potentially doing a pool the last several years we decided to pull the trigger and put one in. We reached out to several different pool builders in our area but all of them were swamped with installs and very few got back to us. Right or wrong we ended up going with the only builder that got back to us. They too were full with builds and wouldn't be able to get us in until around September of 2021. So we went ahead and put our place holder deposit money down and started going through the process of picking out all the things and talking with several references.

About 3 to 4 weeks into that process they let us know that they had a build that was going in with a new house construction get delayed because the house wasn't far enough along yet, and because of this delay they would be able to fit us in this year September! Obviously very excited to get it done this year but then it put the pressure on to try and not only get things figured out with the pool itself, but everything else we maybe wanted to do to go along with it. As i'm sure most of you have been through, what starts out as just a pool quickly balloons into much more than that. In the end we decided to not only do the pool, but also a "pool shed" (for the equipment, storage, and a bathroom) with a pavilion over a fire pit.

The hard part in all of it was trying to decide how much all of that would cost when you aren't 100% sure what you want because you need to know if you can afford to do it because you need to know that since all of that determines where everything needs to go!! AKA we didn't want to put the pool equipment where the shed would go, which would make all of that be out in the open in the yard, and then find out a year from now the shed will cost too much and not be able to do it.

We still have a ways to go as we need to finish landscaping and build the shed, but so far everything has worked out and we are super happy with it all. Now onto the pool details!

We did a 20'x40' vinyl liner with a 6' deep end and a 8'x17' tanning ledge in the shallow end with about a 9" water depth and an auto cover. There are 3 LED color lights along the side of the pool and there are 2 inside of the 2 bubblers on the tanning ledge. All of the equipment is Pentair branded and includes the variable speed pump, sand filter, salt water chlorine generator, 300k natural gas heater, and the screenlogic control unit (because i have to be able to control everything from my phone :) ).

They just finished everything up this week and we had "pool school" on saturday to learn how to operate and maintain everything. Thankfully here in Iowa we had "warm" weather this weekend and were able to enjoy it at least once before closing it down until next year!

Here are some pics of the finished product as will as a time lapse of it getting built Time Lapse
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