Ortega Valve Problem

Jim Bates

New member
Apr 27, 2017
Porter Ranch/CA
Both my 2.5/2 Ortegas are extremely hard to turn even a zillionth of a turn. I'm thinking of replacing them with Jandy valves, which cost about $45 each, per Amazon. They appear to be about the same size as the Ortegas, but I'm sure that replacement will be a chore. I am not a pool person other than enjoying its use, and am hopelessly naive about PVC plumbing. I'm a brand new (one day) member of TFP.

Can some of you TFPers give me some idea of what might be involved? Would I be better off just replacing the innards of the existing Ortegas?


Mod Squad
TFP Expert
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Jul 10, 2009
Houston, Texas
Hi, welcome to TFP! If you could post a couple of pictures, one with a close up of the valves you want to replace and a shot with the view of the whole equipment pad that will help us answer your question.

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