Organic Stains on fresh (hours) resurfaced Quartscapes plaster


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Apr 23, 2021
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I need help! I had our pool resurfaced 6 days ago with Aruba Sky, QuartzScapes. I have large 35,000 gallon pool with a deep end of 10ft. The hose went in the pool at 6pm to begin filling. It take approximately 10 hours of 2 hoses full blast, to even begin see water start to cover the shallow end. We had a windy night with a light shower . I say this because we had organic matter blown in the pool on the (at the time) still dry plaster in the shallow end. Then, it rained on that dry plaster and the rain water shed to the deeper end. It caused what I am calling "shooting star sh.." We did hire a pool company and paid in advance for Start-up and weekly service. He kindly came out the evening that the plaster was finished up, and said that he would be by the next evening to begin start-up services. The next morning at 7:30, with about 3 inches of water in the shallow end, I noticed the the organic material and staining I immediately texted him with photos at that time and did not hear back from him until 10:am or so stating that the stains would easily be removed and not to worry he would take care of it. The stains are still there. Nothing has been attempted so far, to remove any of the stains. The pool guy put chlorine in the floater yesterday, day 5 and a small amount of acid, I believe. Does anyone have any ideas or methods I could try? It is definitely from the trees, there is no doubt about the source. Also, the stains are a small bit lighter than the 1st day. Thank you in advance!


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Welcome to TFP.

I think chlorine will get rid of the stains eventually. But you need to be patient. You don't want to hit new plaster with high levels of chlorine and bleach the color out of the plaster. So it may be best to let the plaster cure for a few weeks and then tackle the stains.

@onBalance ideas on how to manage this?

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Those do indeed look like organic stains, more specifically tannin from trees or something that hit and moved a bit - hence the shooting star effect. As recommended, we'll give OB some time to see this thread and give us his expertise on treating new plaster. In the meantime, stick around, enjoy our forum, and take advantage of our Pool School section. Lots to learn. :)


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Assuming that those stains are organic, then yes, they will eventually disappear when enough chlorine is added to the water. Can add up to about 5 ppm of chlorine bleach.
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