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Apr 29, 2016
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Hi folks,

I have these stains from stuff falling from tree above. The plaster is 9 days old. Brushed twice a day for first 4 days, then once a day since. Water has been balanced since day 4, yet spots remain. I know I'm not supposed to shock for a while, but not sure if that would fix it anyway. How can I make them disappear? Latest Taylor water test: FC 2.0, pH 7.8, TA 90, CH 200, CYA 30.


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Jun 22, 2014
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You're correct in that we don't recommend raising FC too high (i.e. a TFP SLAM) with new plaster. Have you discussed this with your builder? That would be my first recommendation only to protect your warranty. For organic stains, typically raising the FC level, even if not all the way to SLAM level, can help to remove them. But with your very new plaster, I'd be curious to know what the builder says. I'd also ask, if you don't know already, if they added a sequestrant or stain protectant product at fill-up. Usually that's done in case any trace metal (iron) gets into the water than can cause staining, not so much for organic debris like you're experiencing. But it may be nice to know. An increased FC level with brushing should help. A CYA of 30 requires a SLAM FC level of 12. While we don't recommend going that high with a new pool, ask your builder about increasing about halfway - maybe 6 or so. Definitely check with them first though to be safe. Keep us posted on your builder's reply and your progress. We have several plaster experts here that may like to offer more advise. Have a nice weekend.
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