Organic matter in pool...



So when you are testing for FC,CC and TC and when it is said that you have CC's because there is SOMETHING ORGANIC in the water that the chlorine is oxidizing, am I correct when I assume this means EVERYTHING ORGANIC? Including the debris that is caught in my skimmer and the bugs and pollen that get into my pool? Considering my pool is just a couple of feet away from several trees that TOWER OVER my pool, it gets a lot of junk in it every day and the skimmer gets most of the stuff that floats. But the minor stuff that doesnt and sinks will use up the chlorine?


Just wandering because yesterday my pool had a FC level of 11 and after 4 people swimming in it for 1 hour and the daylight from yesterday and today my pools FC level today is 5 and CC's today is >0.5 but < 1. The first drop to test for CC's took away most of the pink but it was slightly cloudy still and 1 more drop cleared it up. Just never seen that much of a drop after we use it.

And just a side note. I wish I had done my research about my pool before I bought the SWG! It was basically a waste for the size of my pool. With just the BBB method I still could have gotten off alot cheaper. I probably would have added some salt anyways for the feel of the water but I barely run my SWG any at all. 1-2 hours every other day. And thats IF we use it. I only ran it for 2 hours 1 day because the FC got down to 2ppm. So I ran it to boost up the chlorine level. The next day everything was fine and the day after that there wasnt much of a FC drop so no algae bloom started. The good thing is that at least I have it when I upgrade to a bigger pool in a couple of years.


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Jun 28, 2009
Do you know your CYA level? If zero, that might help explain why FC disappearing so quickly.


It's at 50 I believe! I did the test (tf100) but it seems a bit difficult to do than the one that came with my other test kit that I bought from the pool store. That one you measure just enough water in the test tube until it reaches the letter 'A' on this stick that put in the tube. Then you add this tablet and crush it up a bit and mix. You then let it set for no more than 5 minutes and then take the stick out and reinsert it slowly till the black dot on the bottom of it disappears, then you check the number on the stick where the water level is at on it.


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Aug 3, 2009
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Paxination....I wouldn't sweat it then...I am in the same boat as 33ft pool is right under a small maple, 3 box elder trees, and a number of pines in my yard....I get stuff in my pool everyday, unless the day is dead calm...What my skimmer doesn't Robokleen does off the bottom...but I do loose FC everyday....but I have resigned myself to the fact, that as long as I have lots of kids swimming and junk from the tree's dropping, I'll always be adding bleach every few days. However, I am now in the process of getting my SWG turned that will take over eventually.



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Aug 20, 2009
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You'll reach a rhythm at some point and you'll probably be able to predict just about what you need to add, according to debris, sun and heat, and bather load. I'm a "jug dumper", only been doing it for less than a year (pool open year round) and I'm beginning to predict almost what I need to add without testing, but do test anyway, a few days a week, and keep FC at the upper level of my range most of the time.

Three main reasons I don't have and SWG, 1) I dump a lot of water to my lawn and woods backwashing (and the dogs splash-out a lot of water, which goes to beds and lawn, and don't want to put a lot of salt into the soil which is very alkaline) (we don't use synthetic chemicals and fertilizer out here, or other synthetics), 2) I have other priorities for monies going towards the pool (I just upgraded my pump to Intelliflo VF and Pentair Quad 80 DE, plus the labor, and have other things I want to do), 3) I'm here most of the time, home office, so I can keep close tabs on pool. We have to have a full time pet sitter when we are both gone so we get a free full time pool manager in the deal.

I live in woods, with high winds, with large amounts of plant debris (sized according to time of year) and boo-coos of bugs (we are in the roly-poly stage now - june bugs haven't hit yet). At first I was sweating the organics that the vac cleaner in-line, leaf canister and Pool Skim collected and was emptying them daily. Now that I'm not doing that I'm seeing that FC is holding well above minimum as long as I guesstimate it at top of range (or a bit over) when I add bleach every other day.