Organic debris in DE filter grids


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Sep 24, 2014
San Antonio, TX
Hi all!

I'm just now opening up the pool for the summer and, as usual, I'm taking apart the DE filter and giving it a thorough cleaning. This is the 4th year of doing this. However, for the first time, I have small sticks and bits of stick stuck inside of some of the filter grids where I can't get to them. I was able to manipulate a couple of larger pieces to the bottom and them flush them out of the main tube in the center, but it would take me hours to do this to all the bits I see. My question is, are these organic bits going to cause me a lot of headaches with algea control this year? Or will the chlorine keep them inert? I'm not even sure how they got past the skimmer basket to the INSIDE of the grids. There are some larger bits than what are shown in the photos, maybe 1/2" in length, but I couldn't find them now that the grids are dry.

Thanks for your input!



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