Order of treatments? AA vs SLAM


Jun 4, 2013
We need to balance the pool for the season (just opened it) and also have metal stains on the steps. I know how to SLAM and I've read the AA treatment. I know that raising the chlorine will just make the staining worse - so do I treat the stains and then slowly slam (is that even possible?) or slam first, let the FC fall, add polyquat and then do AA?


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Aug 16, 2014
Northern IL
JFN is right on the sequence you need to follow! However.... Sometimes with a vinyl pool, the staining will be only on the steps and not on the liner. You could try some vitamin C tabs on the steps after your slam. If that works, try some also on the liner and see if it makes any difference. Then you can decide if you need to do the full AA treatment or just treat the steps.


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Sep 2, 2011
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I would do the vitamin C test mentioned by Marian. If the stains get lighter from the Vit C, you know it is metals.

Is the source of metals from your water supply? Did you use any algaecides in your pool when you closed? Some algeacides have metals, so we recommend only using polyquat 60. Also, some other pool store products have metals, so be careful what you add to the pool.