Order from TFTestkits.net into Canada (Step-by-Step)


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May 7, 2021
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Hey all, I wanted to document detailed steps for ordering items from TFTestkits.net into Canada using Shippsy to handle the cross-border stuff. This is a follow-up to these instructions so big thanks to @MostlyCanuck (I had never heard of Shippsy)!

For cost, my TFTestkits.net order came to $200 USD ($ 254.00 CAD). The tax and Shippsy handling fee came to $41.00 CAD (so $295.00 CAD all said and done). No duty as it is manufactured in the US. This all took about 2 weeks from when I ordered, to when I picked up.

1. Create a Shippsy account and note the US address (and your "SHP#")
2. Place your order on TFTestkits.net:
  • For shipping address, use the US address from Shippsy. The SHP# is very important. I put it in the "Company" field but I was advised "Address 2" would also work.
  • For payment, I used PayPal because, as @MostlyCanuck noted, the website doesn't accept non-us credit cards.
3. Once your package is received at the US Shippsy warehouse (in Niagara Falls, NY). You'll get an email and need to fill in some tax/duty-related information:
  • For Description, I used "Pool Test Kit"
  • Select that it was manufactured in the US, you'll need to attach proof. I downloaded the SDS PDF for one of the reagents included in my kit from Taylor's website. I was advised by Shippsy this would be sufficient as it shows the US factory address. Attached to this post is the one I used.
  • For Product Category, I chose Category: "Other", Sub-Category: "Other". NOTE: doing this almost gave me a heart attack as it shows the "estimated duty and tax" to be ~$6000! I was told by Shippsy, for "Other", they show the maximum. As you can see above, there was no duty and the tax ended up being ~$33 CAD.
  • For the Invoice, upload the PDF version of the invoice from TFTestkits.net
  • For Pickup Location, you can choose either Mississauga or Markham (there might have been a location in BC but I can't remember). I chose Mississauga (I live about an hour away).
  • Submit!
4. Once your item arrives at the warehouse in Canada, you'll get a notification. You can either go pick it up yourself or have it mailed to your house. For my kit, it was going to cost ~$15 CAD to mail. I opted to pickup but with the price of gas, I likely spent more than that... Not to mention the headache of driving in the GTA. Next time I'll have it mailed.

That's it! Hopefully this helps someone. Feel free to hit me up with any questions/clarifications.



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May 31, 2012
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Thanks - buying supplies for the kits from a Canadian dealer is ridiculously expensive - in the past I have had them shipped to US based relatives who were coming up for a visit.
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