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Jan 18, 2017
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Hi All,

We just started our pool construction and i'm currently investigating plumbing.
As a real newbie to pool owning and an overthinking person in real life i have a lot of questions regarding plumbing.
I have minimal space in the pool house to put all the equipment and therefor i'm looking into the best way of organizing and plumbing things.

First let me tell a bit about the pool to be build:
Dimensions 8*4*1.5m (48m3 or 12680gal)
Pump running at 16m3/hr or 4200gal/hr
Length skim to poolhouse about 5 meter.
Length poolhouse to spray is about 12 meter.
Filter max flow of 21m3/hr
We want to try pool automation with a swg and controller

I currently have the following plumbing flow/design in my head, all pvc is pool grade:
pool plumbing layout2.jpg

After reading a lot (on the forum) i still have a few questions:

- Would 2.0" or 2.5" inch be optimal for plumbing *in* the poolhouse considering my 2" ins and returns.
- In order to lower headloss is the use of flex tubing a good idea in the pool house?
- Considering the pool automation, what would be the best place for those sensors?
I could do everything in-line but some also suggest a bypass so you service them more easily.
Should i use a regular T (red line) or is a 45T (green line) better.
- Would those curved 90s in the design be better than two 45s?

I didn't draw them but i consider placing union/valves between:
- unions/valves on ins
- unions on outs
- unions between filter/pump
- unions between filter and rest of the equipment.
- unions/valves on start and finish of sensor bypass

So many choices and only 1 chance to do it right :)
Any advice would be greatly appreciated



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Aug 10, 2012
2" pipe is good.
I would not use flex pipe, there isn't enough head loss
Temp sensor should go after filter and before heater, I would also move the flovis after the filter
Yes, to using unions on the pump, filter (many include unions) and the SWG cell will also come with unions
Use Jandy or Pentair never lube style valves to control flow at suction and return
Also, consider adding a bypass line for the heater

There are pics of my plumbing in my pool thread, link in sig.