opinions on circupool tj-16 pre-filter


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Feb 20, 2015
Austin, TX
I have a 2 pool system connected by a spillover. Each pool has its own pump and filter. Originally the filters were both DE, but last year I replaced one of the DE filters by a sand filter (it was original to the install ca. 1985 and starting to fail in multiple ways). One of the issues in my pool is that there are multiple live oaks around it, and it gets absolutely showered with polen and other debris from the trees. I am considering replacing the second old DE filter by something a little more modern and was looking at options. Since I have a 2 pool "connected" system, I would like to have something that can complement the other filter and was considering installing a prefilter for larger particles combined with a cartridge filter. The process of having DE on hand, dismantling and cleaning the DE filter gets old very quickly and I don't think I want to have another one ... although I do appreciate that it does very fine filtration.

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions!