Opening...What do I do first?


May 18, 2018
This is my first year with TFP. I usually just go to the pool store and spend a fortune and they tell me what to add!

I did a few tests, pool doesn't look too bad, a little cloudy.

PH -7.2
TA -60
CYA -0
FC -0

I'm not sure what to start with so any advice would be great! I have bleach and baking soda on hand.


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Apr 17, 2010
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I'd put in 2 gallons of bleach to start for that volume, get some CYA from Walmart and add to at least 30 to start. Your TA is fine--no baking soda FOR YOU! Welcome.


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Mar 30, 2016
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When you do the CYA, make sure to put it in a sock and let it dissolve in front of a return. The first time I tried it I dumped it in the skimmer like the instructions said with no success. I then read up more on here and found the sock method which works great.
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