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Jun 7, 2015
Opened up a little earlier this season hoping to not have black water. It's a little cloudy but still blue. Water temp is still at 59. I read that algae shouldn't grow under 60. Am I better off just cleaning out the leaves and stirring up the dirt a few times a day for the filter to clean up the water and waiting until water temp is over 60 before starting to add bleach? Am I wasting bleach adding when the water is so cold?

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Jan 6, 2010
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Certainly remove any debris.

No algae below 60 is not an absolute rule. The surface of the pool may get that warm, anyway.

If it was me, I start vacuuming and by the time I was done, the water for sure would be mixed and I could test it and adjust pH and FC right then. If you don't have algae, and the water is cold, you lose hardly any FC. Even here in sunny SoCal, in January and February I might only lose 2 or 3 FC in a week!