Opening pool

We opened our pool back up for the season 2 days ago. We had winter cover on it and the water was crystal clear. We started filling it that evening but had to stop for the night. I worked all day yesterday and hubs forgot to start the filling again so it just sat there. I get up this morning and start filling it back up and it's green, not surprised. Now its completely filled. Started the pump/filter up and poured in bleach. Heres my numbers.

FC 15
CC 0
pH 8.0
TA 200
CH 260

I don't have cya because I ran out last season. I ordered some and will be here in 2 days. Last year I had really high cya due to previous owners using pucks. But we have drained about 1/4 of the pool for the winter.

Can I do anything in the meantime? Like getting TA and ph down? Or should I wait till we have clear water again. I do have a stabilizer, algae guard, clarifier, ph plus from the pervious owners.


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Jan 6, 2010
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You really can't do anything at the moment. The high FC interferes with the pH test and makes it read falsely high. If you try lowering it, you might end up too low. TA is the last thing you worry about after everything else is dialed in and you're bored. CH is just fine where it is.

Let the FC drop below 10 and check pH and see if you need to add some acid or not. And certainly check the CYA level when the reagent arrives, so you can set the FC level properly.
Jun 19, 2016
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I now have crystal clear water again. I did the loss test and passed. I just tested our water and here are the results.

FC 6
CC 0
pH 8.0
TA 200
CH 240
CYA 60

pH and TA seem high. I know my target FC is 7-9. Anything else?

I also have a silly question that I can't remember from last year ( we only owned this pool for a couple months before closing for the season). Does our filter need to be turned to 'closed' when the pump isn't on? Or can it stay on filter?