Opening pool - How important is pH level before SLAM?


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Aug 10, 2017
St. Louis, MO
Hello. WEIRD spring weather this year had us opening pool a little later than usual. Water was a clear green (better than cloudy green ;)) with some detritus and TADPOLES of all things! Currently have the filter and auto-vac running due to downpouring of rain, but I did manage to do some testing in anticipation of SLAM:

FC: 0
pH: 7.2
TA: 70
CH: 130
CYA: 10

My question is this; do I need to worry about raising the pH or adjusting anything else before the SLAM? I know CYA is very low, but I ran out of reagent today (oops) so I can't test again until order arrives next week-ish so I wasn't going to bother adding stabilizer until after the SLAM. Still vacuuming and brushing inbetween the torrents so I have time to correct certain chemicals before I start adding the shock if needed. I will be going from the SLAM to a brand new SWG which ideally wants a higher pH to run (7.5).

Any guidance appreciated.