Opening pool de filter cleaning.


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Nov 8, 2015
Boston, MA
This is the first year I’m opening it on my own. I closed it last year. Question on cleaning de filter grids? I took them all out and sprayed them all clean with the hose at closing. What kind of cleaning should I do to them before putting it back together? Some say they soak them in a barrel in acid wash or vinegar solution for 24 hours? Any tips


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Apr 24, 2015
Chesapeake/ Virginia
How bad are they, in your own opinion? I don’t remember the specifics but one of the things I look for when I rinse mine off is how much they either hold water or don’t hold water. If there is a decent amount of water still holding in each grid and it doesn’t drain out (through the fabric) in a reasonable amount of time, then the soak is necessary.
It isn’t always necessary to do the soak. How long have YOU had this pool? Any idea on when the grids were last replaced? Do you know if the previous maintenance team/company/people ever did a soak?