Opening Numbers


May 17, 2007
Happy Valley, Oregon
Just finished filling the pool and gave my new test kit its first run through. Below are my numbers:

FC = 0
CC = 0
TC = 0
PH 7.4
TA = 50
CH = 30 (Vinyl pool)
CYA < 20
Temp = 54

The TF kit was easy to use but I think I need some chlorine.

The CYA needs to be increased as well as the chlorine.
1- Should I add chlorine and then adjust the CYA?
2- Should I raise the TA or wait?

Any help would be appreciated!

7800 Gal Vinyl Frame AGP
2000 GPH Pump w/Intex Cartridge Filter



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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Your water is fairly cold so you don't need to rush. You want to get your chlorine up first. I would aim for a FC of 2 at first and then bring it up to 3-6 when the CYA comes up. Because the water is so cold you have some leway here. Algae rarely grows in cold water and even then it grows slowly and I doubt that you will be swiming right away. With a low CYA level, you will lose chlorine to sunlight. I would add chlorine once a day in the evening. By the time the water warms up you should have the CYA level up and everything should be fine.

You want to bring your CYA up to at least 30. CYA takes a while to disolve. It is best to work in small steps, perhaps 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount you think you need, wait a week, and then see where you are.

I would bring the TA up to around 80. This will also raise the PH a little. Again it is simplest to work in small steps instead of doing it all at once. Keep an eye on the PH so it doesn't go up too much.

Again, with water that cold you don't need to rush any of these steps. You can do them in practially any order or all at once and probably miss a day here or there and be fine. When the water starts waming up you will need to be more careful.


May 17, 2007
Happy Valley, Oregon
Thanks for the help! I added chlorine and will monitor daily. I also added CYA (in a sock by the outlet) and baking soda and will check numbers again this weekend. I will take it slow and hope things warm up soon.