opening inground SWG

Jul 13, 2016
Central pa
Is there a sticky for opening an in-ground SWG pool? I thought I read one last fall on here (when reading over the closing of an in-ground pool). I was an expert (well I thought I was) by the end of summer last year for my new in-groud pool using the TFP method and now most of that knowledge has left my head and I would like to open my pool very soon. Thank you in advance

P.S. the pool company that installed my pool closed it for me (was included in the purchase of the pool) last year, but I am on my own for opening it for the first time.


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Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
Opening is pretty easy and is the same for any inground pool, SWG or not. The only additional consideration is checking your salt level, especially if you have to refill any significant volume of water. That and knowing that most SWG cells don't function well below 60 degrees so you may need some manual chlorination (bleach) depending on water temps.

Here's the general guide: Pool School - Opening Your Winterized Above Ground Pool

There's a few things in there that hint at an AG pool, but it's a good guideline.


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Sep 2, 2011
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Opening is easy... the hardest part is taking off the cover, drying it, folding it and putting it away. I'm a petite middle aged female and up until recently opened my pool myself. This year I hired a company and they took longer than I used to. I think I drove them a little crazy because I was supervising them and telling them where everything was.