Opening early in Michigan

Jamie A 14

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Aug 11, 2015
St Johns, MI
We "opened" our pool last week (we didn't cover for second year in a row, as our partial pool deck/high winds make it impossible), due to bad algae and warm weather wanting to get started clearing. Hubby has been brushing, adding chlorine, backwashing, vacuuming for the past week or so. Water is looking much better, not green but bluish and cloudy. I have used/followed TFP for past 3 years, and every year need to refresh my memory on it all!! I tested water for first time last night (after he had just put some chlorine in, so that level is probably thrown off).
FC: 6.5
TA: 170
PH: 8.0 +??
CYA: <10, but water cold and was darkish out. Never say black dot disappear at all.
My questions, how to up the CYA? Usually we have had issues with too high CYA, so never had to add anything to raise it. Also, PH is clearly off, so what to do about that?
Sorry, I feel like a beginner every year again at this time. TIA!

Pool Tool

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May 15, 2014
Western Chicago Area, IL
No problems, winter is tough on us northerners ;)

You need to add acid to lower your pH stat. Then retest CYA after letting a sample warm up to room temperature. It is probable with winter and algae that your CYA is low, but recent stories have shown a cold sample skews the results.

Once you get a good CYA number, add 20 ppm or enough to get to 30 ppm total. CYA could be anywhere from 0 - 20 ppm and still not show up in the test. Once you add, raise FC to your slam level of 16 (assuming 40 ppm to be safe) and keep it there until it is clear. Wait a week then retest CYA and don't forget to warm up CYA sample since our temps just fell 20 degrees, boo.

FYI, CYA is the only test that requires a warm sample.