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Jul 17, 2012
Forest, VA
Just opened my pool with algae on the steps. The water was clear.
Test results:
0 FC
7.8 ph
0 cya
50 alk
I added 3 bottles (121oz ea) of 6% bleach, 1lb stabilizer and 1 bag of dichlor. With filter and brushing it became crystal clear in 24 hours. When I closed the pool I had FC at 25 and closed when the water was below 60°. Any other tips on closing so I don't get algae on opening?

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No doubt you need to "SLAM" the pool following the instructions on the SLAM page (link below). Before you go any further .... lower the pH to about 7.2. Then, I would like for you to add enough bleach for an initial FC target of 10. Test it again in about 10 minutes to ensure it remained fairly close to that number with pump running. If it fell to almost nothing again, bump it up again and repeat until it stays close to 10. Once you're sure the FC is holding fairly well in 10 minutes, double-check your CYA calculations. Since you had none, use the Poolmath Calculator to see what 1lb of stabilizer should've increased the CYA to. If it wasn't to at least 30, add however much more you need for a CYA goal of 30, then maintain your FC at "12" (with regular bleach ONLY) and follow all the notes on the SLAM page. DO that until you pass all 3 SLAM criteria. Let us know if you have any questions. Good luck!

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I mention all of this FC testing at 10 or more assuming you have a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C test kit. Do you? If not, you'll need one to perform the SLAM. The proper test kit is very important to the SLAM process and testing accuracy.