Opening above ground. What order?


Jul 7, 2014
Opened the pool this weekend and here are the numbers

Fc 1.5
Cc 0
Ch 25
Ta 44
Cya 35
Ph 7.4
Salt 1590.

I was think salt, cya, ta, ch, and then fc. What are y'all thoughts.


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Jan 6, 2010
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I'd get things balanced and squared away as a bleach pool, then add the salt and fire up the SWG. To that end, add bleach, mess with the CYA granules and the sock, then dump in the baking soda. Wait a few days until the CYA is all dissolved and fine tune, then add the salt.

With your vinyl pool, you don't really need CH. You might get some foaming where the return stream breaks the surface, so if it bugs you, raise CH. If it doesn't, save your money.