Opened yesterday, Day 1 and Day 2 photos


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May 1, 2012
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Hi, everyone.
We were late in opening up, so just did it yesterday, and for the first time ever water was green!

Yesterday's readings:


Color=light gross green. A good amount of debris got in also when we were getting the cover off.

So according to the chart, I added Clorox to shock level (about 12), turned pump on high, got out as much debris as I could. I did not do any reading this morning (rush to work/school).

In tonight's photo, you can see a big color difference. I got out what I could in the middle, and brushed it up.

Tonight's reading:


1) Should I take back to shock level tonight?
2) Should I add a little CYA?
3) Should I increase alkalinity?

I need help to triage what to do first. Obviously I had a big one-day improvement but don't want it to be lost.

Thank you!

Mary Ann


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May 19, 2010
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Have you reviewed the SLAM process? I think you are missing Maintain portion ;)

Yes, you should raise the FC back up and maintain it there until you pass the 3 criteria to stop.

Would not hurt to raise CYA go up to 30ppm or so.
TA is not a huge deal, but should likely bump it up to 60-70ppm with baking soda.

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